Our 2nd of ESO students celebrated Halloween while learning this Celt origin tradition. Through a video, they could see what British and American people do. They wear fancy dress costumes, make scary snacks and play funny games such as apples on strings, apple bobbing or trick or treat.

And to make them enjoy this celebration, they made some tasty “bloody fingers” to start preparing their parties. Do you fancy making some?

They also went to the lab and learnt about some special effects. They really liked the experience. We were lucky they didn’t get injured!

Look at the pictures to understand ....

Our 2nd ESO A and B have participated in the 2nd Oral Contest, as being part of our English Time project. This year the topics were At the hotel and At the party. All the videos were fantastic. Our students had fun recording their works and learnt English at the same time.

We had to choose one Cendrassos winner to compete with other contestants from the other English Time schools. It was not easy to choose, since all the videos were amazing and very original.

Within the English Time project, last 26th of May the 3rd Masterclass edition took place in Figueres pavilion. Approximately 280 2nd ESO students from Monturiol, Cendrassos, Vilafant and La Salle attended the event. At 9:00 am everybody was ready to leave school and went to the pavilion, willing to share a wonderful morning with students from other schools.

As a tradition, the Masterclass had three circuits, London, New York and Sydney. Each circuit had 10 different workshops. During the Masterclass, our students were carrying a passport where they showed their name, the circuit they were in and in which circuit they started. They mingled with the other schools from the beginning and shared 8 workshops per group which lasted 25 minutes each. They had a wonderful experience and used their English the whole morning.

Once Upon a Time, there were some 2nd ESO students that updated three famous tales. They wrote new scripts of the Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and Romeo and Juliet. The stories had to be using the Past Simple tense. They performed their plays in the classroom.

The experience was fantastic. They enjoyed inventing new stories, changing characters and performing their plays. Here you have some of our students’ comments:

Our 2n ESO students celebrated Christmas making some fantastic Christmas Crackers. Christmas crackers are something that most people have at Christmas. You usually have them maybe with your Christmas dinner, or maybe on Boxing Day. And you have them on the table, and then everybody turns to the person next to them or to somebody else at the table, you pull the cracker and it makes a big bang!

Inside the cracker, you usually find three things. There’s a paper hat, a joke, and a small toy. The first thing you do is you get your paper hat out, which is usually a nice bright colour, and you put it on your head

Normally what happens is it doesn’t actually fit on your head. And then everybody reads out their joke. It’s always a really really bad joke. Then there of course is the toy, the little gift. That’s something that you never want and you never use. But you try it, and you break it and laugh a little bit.