As part of the school Foreign Languages Project, 25 of our 1st Bachelor students have participated in a host exchange with Herning Gymnasium High School in Denmark. They were hosted for a week, from 3rd to 10th April, by the Danish students’ families.

On their first day, the Danish and Catalan students did their oral presentations. They talked about different aspects of their own countries such as famous people, food, family life, educational system etc . After the presentations they were offered a typical Danish dish for lunch: chicken and asparagus tartlets.

In the afternoon, Line, a friendly Danish teacher in charge of the exchange, showed our students a quite short ,entertaining video about how a foreigner sees Danish people. After the video our students were very interested in their school system and asked her questions about it. She even taught them some basic Danish words like hello, how are you or goodbye.

On Thursday, they went on a day trip to Aarhus, a lively and busy town. Our visit started in the local Library, which is great and so different from ours. They also visited Aros Modern Art Museum with its spectacular Rainbow Panorama.

On Friday they were taken to Sondervig, a village on the Norh Sea coast, where they had time to know about Nazi bunkers. Then, they moved to a cute village called Ringkjobing. They had the opportunity to discover its past thanks to a local guide.

At the weekend, they did different activities with their families, for example bowling, shopping and sightseeing. They met together on Sunday morning in order to have a brunch, which the Danish students had prepared, at Herning Gymnasium. After that, they digested the brunch playing a football match: Denmark vs Catalonia.

On Monday our students attended lessons together with their hosts living a typical school day and discovering new teaching methods, so different from theirs. They couldn’t leave Denmark without riding a bike, and that was what they did on the last exchange day. They rode around Herning and they stopped off at the White City. They visited the Heart Museum, Elia, a shocking steal sculpture, The Geometrical Garden… A pity it was a cold grey day.

In the afternoon the Danish school offered us Danish cakes and a cosy farewell as we were coming back home. All in all, our students lived an amazing experience far beyond their expectations. They discovered a different culture, they lived real Danish family life, and they practiced and improved their English.