After the visit of some English students from Bristol Free School in March, last 7th of May 20 of our students from 3rd ESO went to Bristol to spend 9 days with their hosts.

The experience was fantastic. We were really welcomed and the English families made us feel like home. We learnt how the British school system works, and our students took some lessons together with their partners.

The first day the English boys and girls explained us all about Bristol, its museums, places to visit, a bit of history, and their food. After that, they showed us the school. Bristol Free School is settled in some old Government buildings they restored, and now, they offer big and illuminated classrooms, as well as modern installations, with the most modern computer technology. We were fascinated with their music classrooms, arts, textile workshops, language classrooms, even their staff rooms and toilets. The students also took two hours of PE. We must confess we are not used to such long lessons, but they enjoyed themselves and liked playing baseball.

On Tuesday we had a day out. We went to the Bristol museum and learnt a bit about the city. After the museum, we went down town, saw some famous graffitis, the University, the cathedral, the M-shed museum, the docks and its lively people walking round. The weather was fabulous. It was as if we took the Spanish sun with us.

On Wednesday we took lessons the whole morning. Our students did some Banksy Art and they loved it. It's in Bristol that Banksy made his first steps as a graffiti artist. We could see "The Hanging Man" very near the Bristol museum. While our students were doing their graffitis, we helped the English teachers with their Spanish lessons. It was a nice experience.

We visited the Blaise Castle and Play Area on Thursday, where our students did an orienteering activity. It is a magnificent park and the play area is quite special too. We had a picnic in a large grassed area. It was plenty of room for running about with frisbees and balls. We all spent a great time playing and chatting. Friday was our last day in school. Our students offered us some amazing presentations about what they learnt during the week. They talked about the city, the food, the school, and the best of all was their English level. They were really great. We felt proud of them all. And to finish, we spent a nice evening in the bowling alley. We played, laughed, and enjoyed our last day all together.

And that was it! Saturday everybody stayed with their host families. Some went to Bath, some to London, some visited the famous Clifton Suspension bridge, designed by Brunel in 1831, but built after his death and completed in 1864.

On Sunday nobody wanted to go back. The experience's been so incredibly positive, that for sure we all have met good friends that will keep for long. We are looking forward to meeting them next year.

To finish, we want to thank our beloved students for their good behaviour, their dedication, their happiness, confidence and interest in this project. Without them, we couldn't have been able to fulfill it. Thank you all for this fantastic experience.

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