Mentoring and support arrangements for incoming mobile participants and outgoing students

Incoming mobile participants will be received by the Principal (or the Head of Studies if not available) and the Mobility Coordinator. A tutor and a peer mentor will be assigned to each participant, a student or a member of staff as appropriate. They will help the participant with any issues.

After that, all the facilities of our institution and our city are shown, especially those which will allow them to stay in touch with their home institution.

An accommodation place will be proposed to all participants.

We are looking for abroad institutions that can offer a similar procedure for our outgoing mobile participants.

Regarding outgoing traineeship participants, their progress will be monitored using the web application mentioned before.

Institution's language support for incoming students and staff

A peer mentor will be assigned to each incoming mobile participant. Peer mentors are selected by their knowledge of the language and their ability to communicate with others.

Our institution has a special facility called ‘Reception class’ (Aula d’acollida) where foreign students can practice local languages. Incoming participants could assist to this special class if needed.